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Heat of Passion 2.0 (Part 2) :iconvantal:Vantal 22 22
RWBY-Military girl collection : Team RWBY :icondishwasher1910:dishwasher1910 1,267 70
Moka x Male Reader! S2! New Power! Part 3
Hey guys, I hope you all enjoy this chapter :D
You picked up the main phone in your room. You were currently sitting on your bed in your dorm that you shared with Tsukune. You heard the ringer on the phone as you listened to it waiting for your auntie or uncle to pick up. Suddenly someone did pick up.
Goten: hello?
(y/n): hey uncle Goten
Goten: ah (y/n)! What’s up?
(y/n): nothing much I just wanted to ask you something
Goten: and that is?
(y/n): well tomorrow is Bring your parents to school day, I was going to bring mom and dad but there outta town, so I was wondering if you’d like to come?
Goten: sure I’d love to come, I’ve got nothing on tomorrow, I’m pretty sure Bulla will come also
(y/n): ok great! See you tomorrow!
Goten: yep, laters
Goten then hung up the phone. You put the phone back and collapsed onto your bed and sighed.
Tsukune came
:iconragnarock7400:Ragnarock7400 23 22
Shokugeki No Soma - Mito Ikumi V1 :iconstrabixio:strabixio 166 15
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Santa 18 :iconakayuki-zero:Akayuki-Zero 16 0
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Ikumi Mito from Shokugeki no Soma :iconblue-senpai:Blue-senpai 618 104
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COMMISSION: Camilla Love Bonding S-Support Part 2 :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 199 5
Rachnera Arachnera - Monster Musume :iconsaucebox16:SauceBox16 256 7
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Shiraishi Kyouka b :iconjokerfake:jokerfake 149 14
Mad Moxxi (NSFW optional) :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 1,116 37 Ikumi Mito by HandsofMidaz :iconwerewolfconfess:WerewolfConfess 24 1
Nora x Male reader! Secret Admirer! Part 5!
Sorry for the few days of wait, but here is part 5! Enjoy! :D
You, Nora, Ren, Aqua, Scarlet, and Jak were at a regular restaurant in Vale as the broken moon touched the sky.
Scarlet: So then Aqua jumped behind (y/n), who was just wearing his swimming trunks!
(y/n): Hey! You didn't have to tell them THAT story.
Aqua: Yeah!... Besides, (y/n) and I have our own story about you two.
Scarlet: Wait, you do?
You and Aqua snickered.
(y/n): So there Aqua and I were, we were walking around the emerald forest for our first year field trip.
Scarlet and Jak blushed when they realized what story you were going to tell.
Aqua: (y/n) and I were looking around, because Jak and Scarlet weren't around for some reason.
(y/n): And when we were looking for them, we saw them behind a tree, making out!
Nora laughed.
Ren: That wasn't a very good hiding spot then I take it?
Jak: Nope.
The waiter then
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 56 84
I love sadness....(Akeno x male reader) #3
Hello! my fellows! it's me andrew and today I am bringing you the chapter 3 of akeno x male reader and yes this is the story I want to focus on and of course I am back! did you miss me? I mean like.....I just left for a month but hey! I just couldn't let you guys wait.Anyways,on the previous chapter......we got chased! if you don't know what happened last chapter,then I recommend you go read the previous one.
Anyways,I hope you guys will enjoy this one and also please thank you all for the amazing support.
Enjoy the story.
*ragna takes a peek to check if it's safe out*
ragna: alright,she's gone...
you: *huff* *huff* you....really.....saved my skin.....
ragna: yeah,yeah no problem,let's just go....we need to talk
you: got it...
We got out of the alley and start walking among the crowd because there were a lot people now (cause why not?).I was really weirded out how no one found sus
:iconantreas2121:antreas2121 29 20
I love sadness....(Akeno x male reader) #4
Hello! my fellows! it's me andrew and today I am bringing you another chapter of akeno x male reader! First of all,I know you may be thinking "andrew we get it the title says it all but why do you have to say it a second time?"...well,it can not be helped! I always need an intro! and second of all,in this part you will spend some time with your team and learn things about them and plus a new character and a surprise! SO I hope you guys are gonna like it!
{your pov}
I woke up after having a long night with a whole drunk team and I don't really remember what else happened but I remember a bang drinking several bottles on a table.I tried to get up but ended up falling off the bed.
you: goddamn it...
???: it seems like you have woken up
you: huh?
I got up and saw a naked rachel slowly getting out of the covers.I blushed a deep red by the sight and the embarrassment.
you: w-w-wh
:iconantreas2121:antreas2121 24 9



i plan on making a borderlands x reader. got to get the details of the (y/n)  wondering if anyone is interested in something like that   will be during borderlands 2
i plan on making a borderlands x reader. got to get the details of the (y/n)  wondering if anyone is interested in something like that   will be during borderlands 2


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