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WidowMakerXMaleReader - Annoyance.

A/N: This will be the widowmaker route i will make others as well, so if you like them let me know as usual by comments or favorites, this is the next part of Hero or Villain.
All communications were cut and a long silence was left Tracer was almost in tears looking at the horrible scene that was in front of her eyes, you had the detonator in your right hand and wide
grin on your face from ear to ear, and deep inside you knew there was no turning back and that felt good, finally a fresh start and if these Talon guys kept their promises unlike someone else
you will have a good time besides nice guys finish last right?.
Tracer: (F/N) ! how could you! *she started to cry, and even her voice was cracking* i wanted us to be back to the usual! seems i will never be forgiven . . . *she managed
:iconyoos2210:Yoos2210 39 8
CheaterTracerxMaleReader - Hero? or Villian?

A/N: Just a heads up i will wait for a little while to see the comments and see if you guys want the Reader (You) to turn either a Hero or a villain following the events of the Fic, also maybe if this end up been a good read for you guys i will see if i make different endings (i love and i am a fan of many different endings), you wiled dual revolvers and your mentor
was Jack (Soldier 76),Your alias beside your name is (Desperado) if like it leave a fav or a comment it's well revived.
The fall of overwatch, who could forget that day? your family was destroyed and everyone including you tough it was gone for sure but thankfully Winston a good friend of you made sure to let you know a lot of the former colleges and friends were alive safe and sound, that's when everything started to happen, you met y
:iconyoos2210:Yoos2210 62 73
Irina and Xenovia Waitress by Yubel9844 Irina and Xenovia Waitress :iconyubel9844:Yubel9844 62 0 Xenovia and Irina dual card by Juli4312 Xenovia and Irina dual card :iconjuli4312:Juli4312 74 2
Mature content
Highschool DxD: MReader Season 2 - Filler 2 :iconfabiur:FabiuR 8 2
Mature content
Male Reader x Kurumu Chapter 2 :icondonaven951:Donaven951 68 80
Male Reader X Kurumu Chapter 20
Hi everybody! Sorry if it's been so long, but here I am uploading the next chapter of Male Reader x Kurumu. I've been through some personal stuff, but I'm ready to get back on track with this story! Until then, enjoy!
You raised your claw above your head and then when Kokoa was right in front of you, you prepared to deliver the finishing blow, but then suddenly...
You snapped your head towards the direction you heard the voice and there standing there were all of your friends. Immediately upon seeing them, you attacked with your claw extended, but luckily Moka who had turned into her true vampire form stopped you with a mighty kick. Both you glared in each others eyes trying to overpower each other.
"Kokoa! Come to us! Hurry!" called Tsukune.
Kokoa did as she was told and rushed to Tsukune's side. Moka had finally pushed you off of her using her vampire strength. You flipped in the air and landed on your feet not fazed by her kic
:icondonaven951:Donaven951 22 17
Juvia Lockser x M! Reader Part 3
Hey Everybody!!!!
This is Part 3 of "The Missing Element"!
These responses will come in 2 parts or more. 
This request was made by Raijin456.
Feel free to comment and make suggestions!
Hope y'all like it!
Disclaimer: I do not own "Fairy Tail" and make no legal claims to the manga, anime, or featured art. "Fairy Tail" is owned by FUNimation, A-1 Pictures, Satelight, TV Tokyo, and Hiro Mashima.
The Missing Element
"No need to fear," the stranger called out. 
Juvia froze in place as she stared, gaping at the stranger. 'It's him...'
The stranger drew near and pulled back his cloak to reveal his face. "My name is (F/n) (L/n). I'm here to help."
The others echoed Juvia's reaction to the man's appearance as they stood, astounded. 
They'd found him! (F/n) (L/n) was alive! Now what?
:iconshowoff247:Showoff247 25 2
5pb x Male reader : Angel of music
A/N : I'm sorry if this story feels rushed, I kinda just got the idea today and just wrote it. Yeah this is probably the fastest I've ever gotten a story written. Anyway without further ado leeeeeeet's geeeeeeeet riiiiiiiiiioooooooooght into the story!
Neptune and the others were watching as 5pb was being interviewed on tv,she was talking about how she got started singing.
Interviewer : so how exactly did you start singing?
5pb : I started taking lessons from a man,a very strange and mysterious man.
Interviewer : oh a man? So is he like your boyfriend?
The interviewer teased her. She blushed hard and had trouble answering the question.
5pb : w-what?! N-no! It's not like that at all!
Everybody laughs. After a few more questions most about the strange man who taught her how to sing the interview was over. Neptune shut off the tv.
Vert : that interview sure was something else wasn't it? I find it interesting that a man taught her how to sing. By
:iconjonpaulc:jonpaulc 13 0
'Now we'll bring them the pain...' by MajinBanzai 'Now we'll bring them the pain...' :iconmajinbanzai:MajinBanzai 2,037 0 Jeer by wlop Jeer :iconwlop:wlop 7,439 173 Dalish Elf Gown by Firefly-Path Dalish Elf Gown :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 2,087 76 Officer by Liang-Xing Officer :iconliang-xing:Liang-Xing 5,452 104 + Soulmate+ by larienne + Soulmate+ :iconlarienne:larienne 2,084 0 Erza Heaven's wheel armor by sakimichan Erza Heaven's wheel armor :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 14,999 358 Daily Paint 1625. Laguar by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1625. Laguar :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,054 208



3 deviations
i plan on making a borderlands x reader. got to get the details of the (y/n)  wondering if anyone is interested in something like that   will be during borderlands 2
i plan on making a borderlands x reader. got to get the details of the (y/n)  wondering if anyone is interested in something like that   will be during borderlands 2


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